Five Tips when Selling a Home In Today’s Real Estate Market

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When the time comes to sell a home, the home seller can easily get tempted to pursue the do-it-yourself approach, with the hope being that they will save on the real estate commission they’d otherwise pay with the use of a realtor. ESolds advises that in most cases, selling a home without the services of a professional, will not necessarily save the home seller money, and could also inevitably lead to problems that would otherwise not be faced when using a professional.

ESolds advises that anyone selling a home look over the following five tips, before doing so.

  1. Is the home seller a good negotiator? This is what ESolds agents do, they negotiate, like a sports agent, always keeping in mind the best interest of the home seller and only the home seller.
  2. Most home sellers lack a genuine network of contacts, which real estate professionals such as ESolds do. As a real estate brokerage, ESolds possesses the right set of contacts that can produce potential home buyers for the home for sale, but moreover, will be able to block out unqualified prospects, who could possibly waste valuable time within the home selling process.
  3. Does the home seller have enough knowledge of the current market to price the home properly and put it on the market at a price that will be attractive to both the home seller and any potential home buyers? Again, this is highly unlikely, but not for professionals such as ESolds.
  4. Does the home seller have the time to show the home to potential home buyers and is the home seller available seven days a week? Most likely not, but here, again, ESolds, 24-hours, around the clock, is available.
  5. Does the home seller have the necessary skills and finances to advertise and market the home for sale effectively? Here, ESolds not only has the skills and financial resources to advertise, but ESolds is also available on a 24-hour basis to handle calls. Another key point, and one of the biggest, is that only a realtor can list a home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to ensure that it receives the widest possible exposure, and thus the best possible price.

There are many other things that a home seller should understand before deciding upon the do-it-yourself approach. Closing a sale involves many steps, there a legal issues, such as a legally enforceable contract that ESolds is ready to handle, but most likely, the home seller is not.

ESolds’s advice is simple. To get the best possible value and also avoid undue stress that comes along with the sale of a home, the home seller should leave it to the professionals, and just sit back, relax, and wait for the offers to start rolling in.

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