Staging Tips That Will Help Sell Your Home

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Home staging is simply the preparation of a home for sale in the real estate market. The goal of this home staging is to make the house more appealing, thereby helping in selling the house more quickly and also at a fair price. The key to staging is to improve the home’s appeal by turning the home into a welcoming and attractive environment for potential home buyers.

ESolds provides three staging tips that if implemented, will help sell a home for sale faster and at a fair price.


Home buyers want two main things out of a potential home. They want it to be spacious and they want to be able to picture themselves living in it. Neither of these things can occur if a house is full of belongings. A home seller should make sure that they clear out at least 50% of personal belongings, thus opening up more space in the home and reducing clutter. The home seller should take down family photos (as these would not allow a potential home buyer to personalize themselves with the home). Closets and bathrooms are two areas that should be reduced by over 80%.


This is perhaps the most important staging tip of all. If the house isn’t clean, the house will surely appear unappealing, and thus that much harder (if not impossible) to sell. When it comes to cleaning, it is important to note that every inch counts. Whether it’s the grime in the shower, dirty doorknobs or cupboard doors, every inch of the home should be cleaned so that the home basically appears almost brand new. A thoroughly clean home will increase the appeal of the home to home buyers exponentially. A key note with this staging tip is that the cleaning must be done again and again, until an inevitable sale is made. This staging tip involves an investment of time, but can also reap the most rewards.


A simple burnt out light can change the perception of a home to potential home buyers. Whether it’s changing a light bulb, fixing small holes in the wall, repairing screens, or painting the garage door, all of these minor repairs and upkeep can play a vital role in helping in the sale of a home. The most important note here is that if a potential home buyer sees that the home seller is maintaining the small things, then they will automatically deduce that the home seller is maintaining the more important things such as the roof and furnace.

Utilizing these three staging tips, a home seller can assure that the home for sale is more appealing to potential home buyers, but moreover, the home seller can be comfortable with the fact that they are doing everything and anything possible to sell their home.

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