| About Us

In 2011 eSolds Inc. was founded by Sterling Wong – Broker of Record - Search Realty Corp., Brokerage. eSolds Inc. provides 3rd party real estate services to smart home sellers, buyers and real estate agents. Our first product eCertificates® creates confidence for the home buyer and creates leverage to the home seller. Together, buying or selling an eCertified home creates an educated decision making process, when buying or selling a resale home or condo. Our goal is to make the home purchase transaction a more satisfying experience. By eliminating any buyer’s remorse an eCertificate provides confidence within the buyer to submit an Offer, at the same time will market the home sellers/real estate agents home for sale in an innovative way, keeping our customers ahead of the competition.


Our vision is to have every real estate transaction made conditional upon the Home Seller providing an eCertificate. Making each transaction simple and stress free! You wouldn’t buy a resale car without it being checked out to be certified or e-tested would you? So why would you buy a resale home or condo without it being checked out to be eCertified…Well now you can with!