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How it Works – eCertificates

How to get your home eCertified

In order to get your home for sale eCertified, you will need to upload to us 3 documents:

NOTE: All 3 documents are already needed at some point during the process of selling your home, so you mind as well gather all these documents now and get your home eCertified.

1. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) or a Letter of Opinion – Done by a licensed and insured Real Estate Agent. Real Estate Agents must carry Errors and Omissions (insurance) provided by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). If a real estate agent says your home is worth $500,000 and it sells for $500,000 then later you find out that your home was really worth $600,000 at the time, you can take legal action against your real estate agent, but they will be covered as a part of RECO’s Errors and Omissions policy (Unless the Realtor has an appraisal designation, then RECO will not cover this Realtor under the Errors and Omissions policy). This document must be dated within 30days and the Realtor must be active as this will be verified by an admin staff.

2. Home Inspection Report or Status Certificate (for Condominiums) – You can upload the summary report that is given to you buy the home inspector and for Status Certificates, you can upload the first 5 pages or summary. Again here, Home Inspectors are bonded and fully insured. They are not allowed to provide false information on their reports or they will be held liable. This document must be dated within 30days and the Home Inspector must be listed in the or

3. Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS) – This is an already standard form by Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) but is not mandatory when listing a home on or but should be. This document simply states what exactly is going on with status of their home to the best of the Home Sellers knowledge. E.g. how long have you lived in the home for? Is the property currently being rented out? Is there a survey available? Etc. 95% of homes for sale do not have this document but really should. It makes the buyer feel at ease because the seller is putting in writing to his/her best knowledge, what exactly is going on with their property. This document must be signed and dated by the home seller. The date on the signature must be within 30days.

Once we have received all 3 documents an admin staff will review and issue an Original eCertificate® for you to advertise and market to the public. The 3 documents and the Original eCertificate® will be searchable on our website and you will get a unique URL to market to your potential home buyers. All eCertified homes will be available to the public on our website for a lifetime. As you purchase an eCertified home you can easily refer back here 5yrs later to see the history of the property. If you see that it needs a new roof last year, you can refer back here at anytime you need to re-certify your home there will be 2 profiles for your home as the history stays on our site forever. Our goal is to accumulate an extensive database of all eCertified homes for reference to home buyers and sellers over the years to ensure a safe, confident and smart home buying and selling experience for both parties in the transaction.