Three Benefits Of A Home Inspection When Thinking Of Buying

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Purchasing a home is perhaps the biggest investment an individual ever makes make. The process real estate is both rewarding, but more often than not, it is also extremely stressful. Dealing with contract negotiations, mortgage loans, and seemingly endless paperwork can become quite overwhelming. The last thing a home buyer should need to worry about is an unforeseen problem with the actual home being purchased.

ESolds recommends that a home buyer take the time and invest in a professional home inspection company, as they can determine if there are any major defects in regards to the house for sale that could inevitably lead to increased costs in the future.

Home inspections aren’t a new thing. They are a smart way to ensure that the house purchased doesn’t have any major defects or flaws that could lead to future costs, which the home buyer obviously would prefer to avoid.

Unlike a home appraisal, which only provides a cursory market value for the property, a home inspection offers a detailed analysis of the home’s condition. These inspections usually include an examination of heating and central air systems, plumbing and electrical systems, the roof and visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, foundations and basements.

Here are three benefits of home inspection:


A home inspection can quickly assess any major defects as well as safety concerns or potential threats with the property, such as the potential for mold and asbestos. A home inspector will not only identify these issues but can also suggest courses of action. In addition, a home inspection can also identify any code violations present on the property. This type of problem is actually quite common in older homes, which were “grandfathered” in prior to changes in local building codes. It is important for the home buyer to be aware of these deficiencies and all threats, in order to make a more accurate decision on how to proceed.


A home buyer should also be aware that a home inspection isn’t just for present circumstances, but can also be used as a great tool for future planning, especially with an older home in need of upgrades. A detailed inspection can provide the home buyer with a “life expectancy” for things such as the roof, furnaces and appliances.


Once the inspection is completed and a report provided, if there are significant problems with the home, ESolds recommends that the home buyer then negotiate with the seller to either lower the price of the home for sale, or determine how the problem will be addressed and inevitably fixed.

Spending an extra few hundred dollars for a home inspection may seem like an unnecessary expense, however, ESolds advises that the peace of mind it gives makes it worth the cost.

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Certify Your Home For A Quicker Sale

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eSolds was founded with the sole purpose of providing third party real estate solutions to home sellers and Realtors. eSolds has developed a solution that provides assurance to home buyers that they are getting exactly what they are paying for in a potential real estate transaction. eSolds believes that this innovative new product is going to change the way real estate is sold and purchased throughout Canada.

The product is eCertificates. eCertificates serve only one purpose, in that they provide assurance to the home buyer and leverage to the home seller. By purchasing an eCertificate, the home buyer is guaranteeing that the home for sale is eCertified, which means that it is exactly what it says it is. What does this mean? It means that when the home seller lists a home for sale that is eCertified, they are assuring potential home buyers that everything listed about the home is as is, and there are no hidden problems are loopholes being jumped through. They are basically stating that the home, as listed, is exactly what they are selling, assuring the home buyer that they are purchasing what they are paying for, and nothing about the home is hidden or misrepresented.

The goal is to make the home purchase transaction a more satisfying experience. By eliminating any buyer’s remorse, an eCertificate provides confidence within the buyer to submit an offer, and at the same time, it markets the home for sale in an innovative way, keeping customers ahead of the competition.

eCertificates were created based on the premise that properties for sale should be certified, just as cars are certified. eCertificates are meant to be irrefutable proof that buyers will get what they have been promised. This means that the home seller can provide reassurance that the home being sold and put on the market is actually what it claims to be. Sellers benefit from this because it increases the chances of a sale. Real estate agents benefit in the fact that they will be able to sell homes faster. Home buyers will benefit in the security of knowing that they are getting exactly what they paid for.

With an eCertified home, not only is the home sold faster, but at the best price possible, and in the end, both the home seller and home buyer, are left smiling, and neither is left with any regrets.

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The Three Best Tips to Market a Home

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Selling a home takes more than just contacting a realtor.  It takes a well-designed marketing plan that strategically assesses the real estate market to evaluate the best way to sell a home for sale.

eSolds knows exactly what it takes to sell a home.  They believe in three key tips, that when utilized, can ensure the not only is a home for sale sold quickly, but also at a price that fulfills the initial desire of the home seller.


The time eventually comes when a realistic selling price must be set for the home for sale.  A realtor comes in handy in that they have intimate knowledge of current market conditions.  A realtor can also use MLS to determine sale prices for homes that have recently sold in the same neighborhood as the home for sale.  A realtor thus, is the best bet for determining an appropriate price range for the sale price of the home.

The home seller should always disclose everything they can about the house and the neighborhood to the realtor.  This helps the realtor find potential home buyers whose needs and wants match what the home and neighborhood have to offer.


MLS is Multiple Listing Service, and is a vital component in the home selling process.

MLS is a sophisticated computer database of properties indexed by price, location, type of home, number of bedrooms, amenities and so forth.  It is a co-operative marketing system that ensures maximum exposure of homes for sale.  Basically, MLS is a central registry of properties used by realtors to match home buyers with homes for sale.  Realtors use MLS every day to match home sellers with home buyers and most homes sold in Canada are sold via MLS systems.

Of course, a realtor may already be aware of potential buyers for a home, but listing a home on MLS will ensure exposure to all other realtors in the area.  Thus, having a home listed on MLS ensures maximum exposure to a broader range of interested home buyers.  Because of this, the home seller can be assured of the best possible sale price for the home for sale.


An open house can be an extremely effective marketing tool. During an open house, it is important that the home buyer remember that any other family members (including pets) are absent, so that a potential home buyer will feel relaxed and open when viewing the home.  The most important note regarding an “Open House” is that the home buyer ensure that the house is clean and uncluttered (both inside and out), as they want give potential home buyers who are viewing the home the ability to envision themselves in the home.

Selling a home is often the most important financial decision that people can make, and if contemplating selling a home, that home seller should always be fully aware of the potential of the home for sale and the marketing tools available to them.

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Two Tips When Thinking About Investing In A New Home

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An important question in the mind of home owners is how long they should stay in their current home, in order to build up equity, before dipping into the real estate market and investing in a new home. A good approximation would be five years, as this gives the home owner enough time to build up sufficient equity to cover the future costs of closing on a home while still having enough equity available to make the purchase an affordable option.

eSolds offers three important tips to those home owners thinking about investing in a new home.

The first thing the home owner should understand is that when buying a new home, there are certain expenses that will need to be covered. These include legal fees, moving costs, cost of a home inspection, related fees and more. It is vital that the home owner makes certain that they have these costs covered, so that they don’t end up losing money in the transaction.

The second tip is actually something that the home owner should already be doing. Paying the mortgage on time, all the time.

The home owner should remember that when they first applied for a home loan, it was more than likely a lengthy and cumbersome process. The second time around shouldn’t be, so long as the home owner has been making mortgage payments on time every month. The hassle that the home owner may have endured when trying to get their first mortgage, should no longer be an issue if the home owner has proven themselves fiscally responsible. The home owner should be aware that, in most cases, it is a lot easier to step up to a second home than it was to make the giant leap forward to buy the first home.

Timing is everything when it comes to real estate. If a home owner needs any help deciding whether now would be a good time to reinvest in a new home, their best bet is to first talk to a real estate expert. Sometimes, the wait is worth it, but at other times, it would be beneficial to take the leap forward and invest in a new home.

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Common Misconceptions about Owning A Condo

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There’s a growing trend within real estate, whereby small families are now deciding to purchase a condo rather than a single family home. The reasons are many, but the main reason is that a condominium presents a less expensive entry into the housing market.

Condo ownership is without a doubt just as strong a real estate investment as a home, and at times, can be an easier resell when dipping back into the market. But condo ownership does have some common misconceptions tied to it. ESolds addresses two of the most common misconceptions related to condo ownership.


A condo is like home ownership, but with a few differences. When you buy a condo unit, you do become a homeowner, but condo ownership involves “shared” ownership. The condo owner has every right to make changes to their unit, but doesn’t have the same freedom when it comes to common elements (i.e. lobby, pool, gym), thus a condo owner doesn’t have the same freedom with a condo as they do with a home.

Some other changes, such as plumbing and electrical, would also require viewing condo rules, as some condos require the use of a qualified professional, not someone who plans a ‘do-it-yourself’ plan. As well, there are portions of the actual unit purchased that are referred to as ‘common property’, which includes windows, patios and balconies. Thus, when it comes to common property, the condo owner doesn’t have free rein to make changes there as well.

With this shared property, the condo owner will undoubtedly have to pay condo fees, sometimes known as maintenance fees, which is used to maintain the property. And this condo fee applies, whether or not the condo owner actually even uses that shared property.


Condo fees are indeed steep, and have consistently risen over the years. These fees do present an additional expense that one wouldn’t see if they owned a home. However, these fees aren’t the unnecessary drain that people are led to believe. It is important to realize that what’s included in that condo fee are generally the building’s upkeep and maintenance, but may also include heat, water, sewer, and garbage collection. In a nutshell, those condo fees are simply paying to maintain that condo lifestyle that the condo owner desired in the first place.

Moreover, condo owners shouldn’t look at condo fees as a waste, because owning a home isn’t necessarily a bargain when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. There are expenses that come with a house, pertaining to mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow, fixing the roof, etc.

It’s important to note as well that if condo fees are too high, this can be a sign of poor money management on the part of the condo board. And the condo board of directors is made up of owners just like the condo owner. Thus, no one is profiting from the condo fees associated with a condo.


Many of the misconceptions that prevent home buyers from considering a condominium stem mainly from a potential home buyer not fully understanding how condo ownership works and exactly what the condo owner is responsible for.
In a single-family dwelling, owners will have more control, which can make expenditures easier to swallow and perhaps less noticeable.

On the other end, buying a condo leads to less hassle in maintaining the property which frees up more time for the condo owner to do other things. When thinking about buying a condo, ESolds points to the benefits, such as less upkeep, security, and amenities, which can sway the balance of a potential home buyer into choosing a condo over a single family home.

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Two Groundbreaking Products That Are Going To Revolutionize Real Estate

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eSolds Inc. utilizes groundbreaking innovations in order to provide 3rd party real estate services to smart home sellers, buyers and realtors. eSolds has developed two innovative new products that are going to change the way real estate is bought and sold in Canada.

The first product is eCertificates. eCertificates create confidence for the home buyer and leverage to the home seller. Together, buying or selling an eCertified home creates an educated decision-making process. The goal is to make the home purchase transaction a more satisfying experience. By eliminating any buyer’s remorse, an eCertificate provides confidence within the buyer to submit an offer, and at the same time, it markets the home for sale in an innovative way, keeping customers ahead of the competition.

Based on the premise that properties for sale should be certified, just like cars are certified, eCertificates are meant to be irrefutable proof that buyers will get what they have been promised. Sellers benefit from this because it helps their home for sale stand out among the competition. Real estate agents benefit in the fact that they will be able to sell homes faster. Home buyers will benefit in the security of knowing that they are getting exactly what they paid for.

Sellers can have a home certified by submitting a collection of documents to eSolds. The first document is a Comparative Market Analysis, or a Letter of Opinion prepared by a licensed and insured real estate agent. The second is a Home Inspection Report or for condominiums, a Status Certificate provided by a Home Inspector. Finally, the last document needed is Seller Property Information (SPIS), which is a current document by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA).

The eCertificate is issued only after a thorough review of all the documents above. Once issued, the home seller is assured of having something to show to real estate agents, as well as potential home buyers, that states that the home for sale, as listed, is exactly what it says it is.

The second product by eSolds is eSolds Listings. This is a customized sold MLS listing that helps buyers, sellers and realtors determine the fair and logical price of a property in any given area.

eSolds’ Listings is a highly useful tool for anyone involved in a real estate transaction. It is available in four different packages. The listings provide important information that includes market statistics, original list price, sold price and sold date. By using this tool, home buyers will know exactly how much to pay for a property, and will be able to calculate the most reasonable initial price tag that can be put on a property, which allows realtors to give accurate advice to clients.

eSolds Inc. has one goal, which is simply to make the home purchase transaction a more satisfying experience. By eliminating any buyer’s remorse an eCertificate provides confidence within the buyer to submit an offer, at the same time will market the home for sale in an innovative way. With eSolds’ Listings, home sellers will be able to list a home for sale at a reasonable price, by analyzing data and trends, and thus ensure that the home for sale will be sold in a prompt manner, and at a fair price.

eSolds is expected to lay down a new paradigm in the Canadian real estate market, and give more control to home sellers and home buyers, without taking away the important role realtors play in the buying and selling process.

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Ten Reasons for Using a Realtor when Selling a Home

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It is actually quite surprising the number of people who attempt the do-it-yourself approach, when selling a home. For a lot, however, this approach would not even be an option, as they would not likely take the chance to gamble with what is and can be the single most important investment that they will ever make.

Selling a home without the help of realtor is not as easy as it may appear, and usually turns out to be a stressful and time-consuming process. Usually, the do-it-yourself home seller, doesn’t address important questions that come naturally to the the realtor. Questions such as true market value of the home, legal issues, suitable financing, finding a qualified buyer, negotiations, and the list goes on.

Selling a home today demands expertise and market resources that are not available to those trying the do-it-yourself approach. ESolds lists several reasons why a home seller should enlist the services of professional realtors.

1. The home for sale will sell a lot faster when a realtor is used, due to the fact that they can identify qualified buyers more quickly and also because the realtor has resources that a person trying the do-it-yourself approach, does not.

2. The realtor will undoubtedly get a higher price for the home than if the home seller tried to sell it themselves.

3. The realtor not only has the resources and tools to help the home sell faster and for a better price, but they also possess the necessary knowledge to do so.

4. The realtor knows the neighborhood, and unlike the do-it-yourself home seller, the realtor is assessing market conditions and property values on almost a daily basis.

5. The realtor knows and understands the complexity of legal issues faced when selling a home and is better trained to put together a legally binding contract.

6. When it comes to negotiations, the do-it-yourself home seller needs to understand that negotiations are an art, an art that professional realtors take years to master.

7. The realtor is available 24/7, day and night, weekdays and weekends, all with the sole goal of selling the home for sale. That being said, they will inevitably have the flexibility in time to show the home whenever it needs to be shown, unlike the do-it-yourself home seller, who inevitably will be tied up for a number of hours during the day.

8. The realtor is aware of the options available for financing the sale and also has the latest information on mortgages.

9. Only the realtor can list the home for sale on MLS , which means that the home will get the widest possible exposure, and will bring in the qualified buyers and best offers, the home otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.

10. Finally, the home seller will obviously be looking for a new home, either before or after the sale, and that’s where the realtor is there to help again. The realtor can show the home seller thousands of homes through MLS, providing them with a list of homes suited to their needs, wants and budget.

ESolds recommends that if the home seller is genuinely serious about not only selling a home, but also selling it fast and getting the highest possible offer, then they should enlist the services of a professional realtor. At the end of the day, selling that home can lead to a financial reward, a big one at that, and the home seller should never leave anything to chance.

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What to Consider when Buying A Condo

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Condominum sales are at an all-time high.  More and more condominums are popping up as interest in buying and even renting a condo continues to grow.  Cities such as Toronto and Vancouver are jarred with people who are interested in purchasing condos, because of the excitement of living downtown, as well as the low maintenance and easy lifestyle that goes with living in a condo.  With housing real estate prices at the high levels that they are at, a condo seems like a reasonable and affordable way into the home owner’s market.  It is especially of interest to young people, as their go-go-go lifestyles don’t heed the time required to do such tasks as cutting the grass, fixing the roof, shoveling snow.

Simply jumping into the market and grabbing a condo, isn’t necessarily the smartest move.  Like buying a home, a potential home buyer needs to be aware of what is out there, and more importantly, needs to be fully in tune with exactly what it is that they are looking for.

ESolds understands that buying a condo, and a home as well, are one of the most important purchases one will ever make.

There are a number of steps to consider when thinking about buying a condo.  One of the first key steps is to seek financial qualification, which is simply determining how much mortgage can be afforded.  The home buyer must take into account extra money needed for closing costs, moving, land transfer taxes and lawyers’ fees as well.  The next step is probably the most interesting.  It’s the hunt for the condo.  Here, Search Realtly recommends that the potential home buyer see a variety of styles of condos, from low-rise, to high-rise, with and without amenities, such as concierge services, gym facilities and pool.

ESolds would next advise the potential home buyer to consider purchasing the largest suite that they can afford.  The reasoning behind this is that studios, lofts and one-bedrooms are more difficult to re-sell.  Here, ESolds is clearly thinking long-term for the potential home buyer.

Visting the neighbourhood is also an important step.  The potential home buyer should take this opportunity to visit both during the day and at night.  The home buyer should check for schools, supermarkets, nearby malls, to ensure that travel time to these locations satisfies their needs and desires when it comes to a home.

The home buyer then needs to think about such things as purchasing a parking spot (which ESolds advises, since even if the home buyer doesn’t drive, they can rent the spot out, but have it available when they do decide to purchase a car).  ESolds also recommends that the home buyer think about purchasing a locker.  As time goes on, more and more stuff accumulates, and it is nice to have that extra space to pack things away.

One a particular condo suite has been targeted, the home buyer should find out about visitors parking, examine appliances and suite carefully, for wear and tear and damages as well.  They should also learn about the property taxes applicable to the suite targeted for purchase, ensuring that they have the extra money to afford it.  Sometimes it is also nice to have a chat with actual residents of the building, to get a quick feel for what it is like living there, and maybe even some tips on the best restaurants nearby.

Once all that is said and done, ESolds advises that the potential home buyer makes, at minimum, two visits to the suite, before making an offer.  And once purchased and moved in, the home buyer can reap the fact that they are a home owner, and sit back on the balcony, and enjoy the view.

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eSolds Reveals The Three Most Important Home Improvements That Increase A Home’s Real Estate Value

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Any home improvement will inevitably raise the home value of a home, but there are certain renovations that will add more value than others on today’s real estate market. The mistake that most home owner make is to think that any home improvement will drastically raise the price of the home, but in reality, there are only a substantial few improvements that are needed to raise the home value drastically, while others, although costly, may raise the home’s value, but not significantly.

eSolds advises on the three main home improvements that can drastically increase a home’s real estate value.

The first revolves around space. One of the most important aspects of a home is its square footage and layout. Sometimes, especially with older homes, there can be a certain design flaw that can devalue the home. For example, a home that has a dining room attached to the living room without any type of partition or wall separating the two rooms may look awkward. In some cases, adding a small partition or even a new wall can make the home look bigger since it will seem like you have added a brand-new room to the house.

The next home improvement that can increase a home’s value is as simple as a fresh coat of paint. Painting the house when it really needs it is one of the best investments a home owner can make when planning on selling their home in the near future. There is nothing worse than dirty or damaged walls to turn off a home buyer and devalue the home. Fortunately, painting the house is one of the least expensive renovations, and it can turn a home into something that looks and feels great. A new coat of paint will also make the home smell fresh, clean, and almost like new, which will most certainly appease potential home buyers.

One thing to always remember when it comes to painting a home is to never forget to take a good look at the state of the home’s ceiling. Potential home buyers are almost guaranteed to look up at the ceiling, of various rooms, to look for signs of water leaks. That’s why when painting the home, it is crucial that the ceiling gets a fresh new paint job as well.

The last home improvement is in regards to the bathroom and kitchen. The key here is for the home owner to make a noticeable change in the room or correct potential problems, as the kitchen and the bathroom can be considered the lifeline of the household, and if there is any disrepair in any of those rooms, any potential home buyers will quickly be turned away from a potential purchase.

With these three home improvements in mind, home owners have the knowledge necessary to make the changes that will increase a home’s value on today’s real estate market, and if the time comes for a sale, these home improvements will definitely not only make a sale more likeable, but also more profitable.

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Three Essential Things That Home Sellers Should Know

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ESolds Reveals Three Essential Things That Home Sellers Should Know

Selling a home can seem as simple as contacting a realtor, and then sitting back and waiting for the offers to roll in. However, the home seller should be aware that the real estate market fluctuates like any other. Thus, it is crucial that the home seller be prepared, as only through proper preparation can the home seller assure that the best possible offers are obtained for the home for sale.

There are three key things that a home seller should know when selling a home. These steps are preparing the home, marketing the home, and finding the right real estate brokerage.

The first tidbit of knowledge that home sellers should know is that any home that is put on the market should be prepared, both inside and out. This is to ensure that the best possible photos are available for those looking at the home for a potential purchase. When it comes to photographs of the home, simplicity works best. Before taking any photos, home sellers should ensure that the home has been de-cluttered (that means outside as well) and also position furniture in such a manner as to make rooms appear larger. Moreover, home sellers should always remember to avoid posting pictures they have taken from their smartphone, as those can look unprofessional and can quickly turn off a potential home buyer. Home sellers should seek the aid of a professional photographer to take staged photos, and although a cost will be accrued, these professional photographs will inevitably pay for themselves when the home is actually sold.

The next thing that all home sellers should know is the importance of marketing a home for sale. MLS listings are of utmost importance, but to fully push a home for sale, a significant online presence is necessary. This is where ESolds shines. ESolds understands the importance the internet plays in marketing a home for sale, and in doing so, the company has utilized the benefits of internet marketing by creating a large online presence spread throughout over 100 real estate websites. ESolds uses traffic to sell client homes, find home buyers for prospective home sellers and also to recruit highly skilled realtors, to service home buyers and home sellers, ensuring a thorough and fulfilling experience, all at zero fees to the home buyer.

The final thing that home sellers should be aware of is that in order to assure that the home is sold for a fair price and in a timely manner, the home seller needs to find the right real estate brokerage. It is important that a home seller simply doesn’t go for the cheapest agent, as a sale of a home is a potential money maker, and the home seller has a lot of money riding on that sale. The home seller must look for a brokerage that will provide a large online presence, knowledgeable agents, and excellent customer service.

Selling a home doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It can be easy, satisfying and profitable, but only if the right steps are taken.

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