Why a Home Buyer/Seller
Should Buy MLS® Sold Listings

In today’s markets home buyers are more intelligent than ever. If you are a hands-on home buyer or investor who likes to purchase homes directly through the Listing Agent or directly to the home seller, how do you know if you’re buying an over-priced home?

You can ask the listing agent for recent sold MLS® Listings, but really, will they be sending you the correct comparable sold data?

They work for the Seller and is trying to get as much money in the sellers pockets as they can, you are not their client so why would they work for you and look after your best interests?

Why Real Estate Agents
Should Buy Sold MLS® Listings

Ever had a listing in a city where you are not a member of their board and need to see the recent MLS® Sold Listings to list your clients’ property correctly? Are you a real estate agent from Toronto and need to list a home for sale in Oakville but aren’t a part of their board and don’t want to pay the hefty dues?

Well eSolds.ca is a network of real estate agents across Canada we have access to 80% of the real estate boards across Canada and growing. Sign up to an eSolds.ca account and we will send you the necessary MLS® Sold Listings you need to price your client’s home for sale correctly!
1 MLS® Listing

1 Sold Listing A one time request of an MLS® Listing of your

$ 4.99
5 MLS® Listings

5 Sold Listings  A one time request for an MLS®

$ 9.99
All Solds

All sold MLS® Listings A one time request of an MLS®

$ 49.99

Unlimited Sold MLS Listings® (For 1 Year) Request as many sold

$ 299.99
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