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Unlimited eCertificates® This package is ideal for Smart Home Sellers, Real Estate Agents or Investors who continue to flip properties. This package is billed on an annual basis. Once an admin approves and issues you an eCertificate®, it will only be valid for 60days from the date it has been issued. Your property will then become “Expired” however your property and profile will still be available on database available online. What’s unique about this package is that you will receive a unique login and password to Blog to boast your newly eCertified® home and if you’re a real estate agent advertise your business as well. You will get an unlimited amount of blog posts and every blog post gets tweeted on our Twitter account at

  • One authentic eCertificate® by eSolds Inc. and a link to download a copy of the original eCertificate®.
  • One unique URL for marketing your property for sale. Eg.
  • CMA link for potential home buyers, they can download your Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).
  • Home Inspection link to download the home inspection report.
  • SPIS link to download the Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS).
  • One unique profile page to advertise your property for sale.
  • Contact information, the potential Home Buyer can contact you via email or phone.(Optional)
  • Upload up to 5 images of your property. (Optional)
  • Unlimited words of description. (Optional)
  • Receive a unique login and password so you can blog about your eCertified® home and advertise your real estate business. (Optional to Realtors®) Unlimited blog posts on All blog posts get tweeted on Twitter Account.
$ 799