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All Solds

All sold MLS® Listings

A one time request of an MLS® Listing of your choice. Receive all of the sold MLS® Listings around the subject property you are interested in. Receive up to 200 sold listings as far as 2 years back. This package provides a more thorough look at home prices in the neighbourhood and how they have fluctuated over the years.

  • View Days on Market Stats
  • View Original List Price
  • View Sold List Price
  • View Sold Date
  • View Expiry Dates
  • View lot size
  • View Closing Dates
  • View Annual Property Taxes
  • View demographics and population
  • View Listing Agent and Buyer Agent details
  • Commission being offered to Buyer Agents
  • View if the seller signed a Sellers Property Information Statement (SPIS)
  • Credits never expire
$ 49.99