"Buying an eCertificate is a must have for anyone planning sell their home. You\'ll make your money back 10 times over!"

Joel Smith Mar 29,2011

"Before discovering eCertificates the selling process was always so long and dreadful. This time around, I got my home eCertified as soon as I put it on the market. Almost everyone who came through my home had already read the home inspection report, SPIS and CMA and was ready to put in offers right after the first showing. The hardest part after that was choosing which of the multipleoffers to choose from! Because of eCertificates I made an additional $5,000 on the market price of my house due to the bidding war it enticed. I would advise anyone who is trying to sell their home to get it eCertified first and foremost."

Raj Dhillon Mar 29,2011

"Being busy with work and my family there was no way I would make it out to see all of the homes I was interested in online. What I loved about looking through eSolds’ inventory of eCertified homes is that everything I needed to know about the home was available for download online. This way I knew there would be no surprises when I went to see the home and that I wasn’t wasting my time. Nowhere else was I able to find so much information on a property online."

Mary Koontz Mar 29,2011