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In today’s markets home buyers are more intelligent than ever. If you are a hands-on home buyer or investor who likes to purchase homes directly through the Listing Agent or directly to the home seller, how do you know if you’re buying an over-priced home? You can ask the listing agent for recent comparables, but really, will they be sending you the correct comparable sold data? They work for the Seller and is trying to get as much money in the sellers pockets as they can, you are not their client so why would they work for you and look after your best interests? The listing agent is trying to make money for the home seller and so he/she can’t be trying to save you money, which just wouldn’t make sense. How can one Realtor try and make as much money as they can for the home seller at the same time get the best deal for the home buyer; it can’t happen, it’s a conflict of interest.
Many times we have heard buyers going directly to the listing agent, the listing agent will say “Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Home Buyer, you’re not working with a Realtor so I will save you $10,000 of the list price” The home buyer thinks they’re getting an amazing deal but in fact, they are still buying an over-priced home and they should be getting $20,000 off the list price.
This is a common mistake from home buyers and the only way to prevent this is to 1. Get a Real Estate Agent to look after your buying needs or 2. Sign up to an account and get the MLS Sold Listings within 24hrs. Look at the true unbiased Sold Comparables and make an informed decision without the hassle and pressure.
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Smart Home Sellers

Recently the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) approved a recent settlement with the Competition Bureau allowing home sellers to list their home for sale directly on a.k.a. and handle the transaction from beginning to end(as long as they do it through a licensed Realtor). Since then, there has been a surge of home sellers attempting to list their home for sale on their own in attempt to avoid real estate commissions.
The number one reason why the do-it yourself home sellers or For Sale By Owners or FSBOs don’t end up successfully selling their home is because it is not priced correctly. All the For Sale By Owner or FSBO websites out there to not offer a service to provide MLS Sold Listings to properly price a home for immediate sale. Pricing is everything in real estate and it is imperative that you list your home for sale correctly!
With you can now sign up and pull all the necessary MLS Sold Listings using our advanced MLS Sold Request forms and get all the MLS Sold data you need in order to price your home correctly. No pushy sales representatives will be contacting you trying to sell you anything, no need to bug your uncle who is a Realtor to only get mad that you’re not going to list with him, no hassles, Listings sent within 24hrs, for more details see our 100% Money Back Guarantee program.
We are a network of Realtors® offering an ala carte service in the form of MLS Sold Listings to help price your property for sale. Following all the rules and regulations and recognized by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), Canadian Real Estate Board (CREA) and the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), is a new and innovative way to get the information you want with no hassles. Get your eSold Listings® by today and become a Smart Home Seller!