"As a new real estate investor I love trying out the newest things in the market. When I heard about eCertificates I loved it right away. I’ve been through the offer process of purchasing a home enough times to be tired of all of it. What better way to entice buyers than to get all of the annoying stuff out of the way. With the home inspection report and SPIS available for viewing online I can trust there will be no surprises in the home after putting in an offer or worse, after purchase. Also the back and forth of offer pricing is simple with a credible CMA provided so both parties can agree on the value of home from the beginning. Now I only purchase properties that have been eCertified."

Jim Kaplan Mar 29,2011

"I purchased an eCertificate® and had my home sold within days with multiple offers. It gave my home the exposure it needed to get my home sold fast and at top dollar."

Jimmy Nguyen Mar 29,2011

"When I purchased a home that was eCertified® I felt comfortable knowing the home I was buying was not overpriced. I knew it needed a new roof after reading the home inspection summary so I factored that into my budget immediately. I also felt rest assured that the actual home seller signed this document letting me know exactly what he knew was wrong with his home. eSolds.ca is what this real estate industry needed. What took so long!"

Rick Takk Mar 29,2011