"As an interested buyer shopping around online, the amount of homes I came across was incredible. I had spent several weekends going out with my Realtor checking out homes I saw online based on the tiny pictures and descriptions given online. Unfortunately there was often something I was left to discover wrong with the homes once I was physically in them. Now that I know about eCertificates I don’t waste my time going to see properties until I know it’s been eCertified and I can check out all of the informative documents online."

Pauline Wanker Mar 29,2011

"Before the home I am currently living in, I almost purchased a home which would have been a nightmare to fix. After going out and seeing many homes I thought I had finally found the one I would live in. It wasn’t until after I had gone through putting in an offer and getting the home inspection report done that I found out just how much electrical and plumbing work had to be done before I would be able to live in there. I did not have the time or patience to go through that process again so when I found out about eCertificates I knew the next home I purchased would have to be eCertified."

Jessie Worshire Mar 29,2011

"As a Realtor I always advise my clients the very first thing they should do in order to sell their home is get it eCertified. In my experience, there is no better advertising technique for making a home stand out among the thousands of listings available for sale."

Winnie Chan Mar 29,2011